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Maternal-Child Health Nursing

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Maternal & Child Services

Maternal-Child Health Nursing works to help individuals and families make informed decisions in regards to their or their family's health. The Maternal-Child Health programs consist of the following services:
· Family planning counseling and referral
· Pregnancy testing
· Prenatal counseling and follow-up
· Referral for medical card
· High risk infant follow-up
· Family case management (see link at right for more information about this program)
· Lead poison testing and counseling (see link at right for more information about this program)
· Vision and hearing screening
· WIC – Women Infants Children Program (see link at right for more information about this program)
For questions or to schedule an appointment for one of the above programs or services, call (618) 435-2693 or (618) 993-8111.  To prepare for your health department appointment, please read the Notice of Privacy Practice.  Then print and complete the Consent and Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices.
Visit American Academy for Pediatrics – Healthy Children site for information about healthy living, safety, health issues, news, tips, tools, and much more.  Healthy Children has information for your child from prenatal through young adult.


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